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Rhigardd ffeil Gereint was Traci Winters' Guardian from the series Traci the Vompire Hunter. He is also a major character in the series Guardians.

Gereint was born in 1958 to an upper-class family in Castreleon, Kemr.

He first met Traci in Oxbridge, in 1996. After she was placed in a mental institution, he moved to Guyasuta, Aquanishuonigy, where magical signs indicated great evil stirring. He took a job as a librarian at the very school that Traci herself would soon enroll in. She was dismayed to see him, and attempted, initially, to avoid him. Eventually, she came to reluctantly accept her destiny.

Gereint developed into a father-figure to Traci, and, in turn, often treated her as his own daughter.