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Guardians is the second spinoff series from Traci the Vompire Hunter.

Set in Montrei, the series tells of efforts by Richard Gereint and William Rosenbloom to re-organize the Guardian's Council (destroyed during the last season of Traci). They set up shop in Montrei because it is the location of a mystical portal between our world and Hell.

As of this writing (Autumn, 2005) the series has begun its third season.

Regular Characters

  • Rhigardd ffeil Gereint: Traci's mentor and the senior-most surviving Guardian.
  • Oz Rosenblum: The geeky kid, now adult, who helped Gereint for seven years in Guyasuta.
  • Hope Avril: A Hunter, mourning over the death of her lover, Traci.
  • Skye Winters: Traci's psychic sister.
  • Rowain McGregor: A young woman Guardian who survived the disaster and has now joined Gereint's efforts. She and Hope are becoming a couple.
  • Viola Armaugh: Another Hunter, very shy until there is a fight. Currently dating Oz.