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Traci Winters (1981-2003) is the central character in the series Traci the Vompire Hunter. She was played by Alyssa Joan Hewitt.

Traci was born in 1981 to Franklin and Julia Winters, in Oxbridge. She was named after Franklin's mother, who died when he was two.

At the age of 15, Traci began having strange dreams of women from various historical eras fighting vompires and other demons. She was approached by Rhigardd ffeil Gereint, who told her of her destiny as a Hunter. She initially accepted her destiny. However, she was unable to keep it to herself, and she confided in her mother who, believing her to have had a breakdown, checked her into a mental institution. Traci learned to keep the truth to herself, and was released after a couple of months. (This occurs between the TV movie and season 1)

At the start of season 1, Traci and her mother moved to Guyasuta, Aquanishuonigy. She was enrolled in a new high school, and met new friends. Then, to her dismay, she learned that Gereint was the librarian at the school. He pleaded with her to continue her destiny, but she refused. However, circumstances soon pulled her back in, as her new friend, Xandra was captured by Vompires.

Early in season 5 (October 18, 2000), Traci had a daughter, Sarah Michelle Winters. This was written into the sript due to Hewitt's real-life pregnancy. The Alliance for Public Decency slammed the decision to make Traci a single mother. They demanded that either Winters marry the child's father, or that the show be put on hiatus. As the APD had already criticized the series on numerous occassions prior to this, their criticisms were largely ignored, treated only via a few jokes by characters.


Alt-Traci is the name given to the Traci from Skye's original world. Alt-Traci appears to have become more hardened. While little of her background is revealed, it appears that her relationship with the alt-Staketeers was a far more formal one. They were less her friends and more simply assistants, in a decidedly secondary role. Alt-Traci was fiercely protective of her sister.


  • Traci's daughter has the same name as Hewitt's daughter. In seasons 5 and 6, the child seen is, in fact, Hewitt's daughter.