Petrol Louisiannais, SA

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Petrol Louisiannais, SA
Petrol Louisiannais logo
Type Public company
Slogan Illuminant le Future, Powering the Future
Founded 1885
Location Toulouse, Garonne-Neuve, Osage
Key people Vincent Grosjean, CEO & Director
Employees 15,037
Industry Petroleum Products
Products Gasoline
Diesel Fuel for CFL
Telegraph Services
Propellant Products for CNEL/ATOE
Natural Gas
Revenue Green up.png€5 million LE (an CCXIII)
(roughly equivalent to fiscal 2005)

Petrol Louisiannais, SA was founded in 1885, and has seen its fortunes wax and wane through the passage of years. Originally located in Côte de Châtaigne, PL relocated its headquarters to Toulouse in the early 20's. The discovery of the oil fields on both sides of the Arkansas river was a boon for PL as much of the oil that was drawn was refined in the Garonne-Neuve before being sent on, across Osage to the NAL.

Until recent decades PL was one of the largeset sellers of petroleum along the Mizouri-Mississippi corridor. A recent backlash of public opinion in Tenisi and Mobile has caused a loss of sales for PL, but the franchising of local sales outlets to local owners has improved public perception.

Petrol Louisiannais has also found an increase in revenue through the development of fuel for CNEL and ATOE. While the fuels developed for these companies are not petroleum based, their knowledge of combustion has been found to be priceless.

Petrol Louisiannais has also found a stronger market in the NAL-SLC since the disruption of oil from Tejas occurred following the ousting of Jorge Bush in 2004.


Petrol Louisiannais began with the merger of Petrol du Nord and Or Noir d'Osage in 1885. Petrol Louisiannais was implicated in the Affaire des Tramways, the which involvement nearly bankrupted the company. It was a full five years before the company showed five quarters of profit. In 1996, the firm DuBois et Fils was purchased by Petrol Louisiannais.