Organisation Internationale de l'Industrie Automobile

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The Organisation Internationale de l’Industrie Automobile (International Organization of Automobile Industry), commonly abreviated as OIIA or IOAI, is an international federation of national automotive manufacturers associations.

The organization, formed in 1920 (but dormant during the Great Wars) and headquartered in Paris, France, coordinates communication between automakers around the world, oversees and organize auto shows so as publishes worldwide automotive statistics and data.

OIIA proclaims to represent the world automotive industry. Its stated goals are to unify worldwide motor vehicle companies and promoting technological innovation and sharing. In conjunction with coordinating affairs between various automobile manufacturers, OIIA conducts studies, analysis, and advocacy regarding transportation safety, environmental impact of vehicles, fuel efficiency, and global harmonization of automotive standards and regulations.

Auto Shows

Among its duties, OIIA officially supports various international auto shows. It coordinates scheduling for the following major auto shows:

Show name City Country Month
North American International Auto Show New Amsterdam NAL January
European Motor Show Brussels Batavia January
Prák International Motor Show (Ten Prákär Intärnöcionál Ótosalón) Prák Bohemia March
Kieñseñ Motor Show (Kieñseñ Moteosio) Kieñseñ Corea, Japan April
Commonwealth of Nations Motor Show alternates between London, Philadelphia and Sednîr England, FK, NAL or New South Cambria, Australasia July
Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung Stuttgart Wuerttemberg, HRE September
Salon Mondiale de l’Automobile Paris France October
Salon de l’Automobile de Saint-Louis Saint-Louis Louisianne November
Edo Motor Show (Edo Mòtàxò) Edo Yamato, Japan December