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The National American Association for the Environmental Protection (usually abbreviated as NAAEP) is one of the oldest and most influential Ecotopic organizations in the North American League. It was founded in 1909 by several prominent environmentalists, including Leo Rosenberg and the aging Juliette Verne. Its headquarters are in Baltimore, Ter Mair. It is headed by a Governing Board of 64 members, led by an elected Chair (who serve for six year terms).

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Although often closely allied with the Whig and Democratic Socialist parties, the NAAEP insists it is non-partisan and will support any individual or group which furthers its stated goals:

  • To safeguard the environment from man-made damage.
  • To repair damage already done to the environment.
  • To educate the public about the values of Ecotopism as well as environmentalism in general.
  • To aid in the rigorous enforcement of environmental laws and regulations.
  • To encourage international cooperation in furtherance of the same values and goals.

Relations between the NAAEP and Covenant Loyalist Party have so far been cordial

During the 1970s and 1980s the organization was considered a de facto ally of the Anti-Snorist Movement, which engendered some controversy when General Moderator James Wainwright addressed their 1979 convention. His speech at that time was an urge for patience and moderation while offering general support for some Ecotopian ideals. In the wake of his assassination, every NAL General Moderator or candidate for same has accepted invitations to speak before the NAAEP (with the exception of Ronald William Regan). The current Chair, Julia Bond of Jacobia, is a friend of former GM Will Clinton. In general, relations between the NAAEP and the Progressive Conservative party have been cool.

Membership in the NAAEP is sometimes controversial, especially among certain evangelical groups. There are also conservative groups who routinely accuse the group of violating the spirit and letter of several laws, as well as general "extremism" in the cause of environmental protection. Accusations leveled against the organization include:

  • That they use their tax-exempt status to raise money for political candidates, in violation of the spirit and letter of campaign laws.
  • That they disdain or actively discourage economic success on the part of anyone, in the belief such will always endanger "nature."
  • That they actively seek to downplay the importance of human suffering, such as the AIDS epidemic.
  • That they fund studies to prove their own preconceptions rather than foster genuine research. Likewise, they try to stifle inquiry into areas that conflict with their political agenda.

One prominent person who often makes such accusations is PC Leader Steven Harper, who often targets the NAAEP as a force that interferes with the financial health of the League. The governing board denies all these charges, calling them examples of demogoguery.