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The International Ecotopic League is an organization of Ecotopists and other like-minded people and groups to discuss and collaborate on various issues regarding the environment. Although several of its members are Political Parties, many Non-Governmental Organizations are also members.

Its headquaters is in Viridian City, Oregon.


Political Parties


Inspired by the formation of the Socialist International (1889) and the Liberal International (1947), Oregonian Ecotopists founded the Ecotopic International in 1955 for the intent of bringing together ecotopists (later entire Green Parties) from around the world to discuss current environmental issues, and how to properly respond to them within the "green" philosophy.

The Tenets of Ecotopism was agreed upon at the First Ecotopic International.

The Ecotopic League was founded as an extension of the Ecotopic International in the early 1990s, following the independence of Al-Basra. However, the league condemned the destruction of the Iraaqi oil-fields, despite the positive benifits to the local environment.

One of the first major projects by the Ecotopic League was in assisting in the creation of the Ecotopic Protection Zone in Saint-Domingo. Similar moves are afoot to do the same for the Swamps of South Florida.