Le Directoire Louisiannais

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The Directoire Louisiannais was established following word of the French Directory who took control of the French after the National Convention and the Reign of Terror. The Lousiannan Directory simply followed suit to the Revolution as most of Louisianne was at peace following the ousting of the Royals. Unlike France, where the public opinion was already strongly against those involved in the construction of the new constitution, Louisianne didn't face the same problems.


The Directoire Louisiannais was established from the landed plantation owners and businessmen of the cities, the same having been elected to serve in the College des Anciens et College des Deux-Cents, the two divisions of the Louisiannan Legislature, based at that time in Baton Rouge.

The initial membership consisted of:

  • Roland Danis, a shipping company owner
  • Jacques-Dion Astier, a land-owner from the Trans-Pontchartria
  • Adolphe Brideau, a plantation owner near Métairie
  • Bertin Dechesne, a trading post owner from near Kaskaskia, south of Saint-Louis
  • Lucien Vavasseur, a land-owner from the upper Loire valley.


The Directory was largely successful in its political run. One member of the Directory faced retirement each year, the which shows in the 7 year term of the current Council, which is largely based on the Directoire days. The Directoire was so successful that many felt this was to remain the status quo of Louisiannan politics. However, the 1829 Royalist Coup lead to the end of this system. As the government was in disarray following the coup, Le Consulat Louisiannais took center stage and became the next attempt at governance, also based on the French mode, under the tutelage of Pierre Clement de Laussat, who had recently emigrated from France.

Preceded by:
Louisiannan Royalty

Leadership of Louisianne

Succeeded by:
Le Consulat Louisiannais