Le Consulat Louisiannais

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The government of Louisianne shortly after the demise of the Louisiannan Directory. It was grossly mismanaged and turned into a corruption-ridden oligarchy that were unassailable except by revolution, which happened in the Summer Revolution.

Jacques Philippe Roi de Villère, grandfather to assassinated First President Francis Gabriel Fazende was part of the Consulate. Roi de Villere had resigned his position shortly before the Summer Revolution in response to the corruption he saw. He was not implicated, nor exiled in the Revolution, but there remained a concern as to his involvement in national government. As a means to distance himself from his grandfather, Fazende took his grandmother's maiden name.

Some would argue that the corrupt oligarchy that existed during the Consulat has only been propagated to the modern system.

Preceded by:
Le Directoire Louisiannais

Leadership of Louisianne

Succeeded by:
Armand Beauvais