Francis Gabriel Fazende

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Francis Gabriel Fazende
Title: 4th Premier Président
 Term in office: 1 Vendémiaire LXIX (9/23/1861)–27 Floréal LXXI (5/17/1863)
 Predecessor: Paul Octave Hebert
 Successor: André Bienvenu Roman
 Date: 25 Messidor XXVII (14/7/1819)
 Place: Vienne-le-Port, Louisianne
 Date: 27 Floréal LXXI (5/17/1863)
 Place: New Orleans
Profession: Plantation Owner, Politician
Political Party: Le Parti Paysane
Relgious Affiliation: Catholic

Francis Gabriel Fazende, Francis Gabriel Roi de Villère, was born in Vienne-le-Port on the mouth of the mighty Mississippi river on July 14, 1819. His grandfather was part of the corrupt Consulat, but resigned when he came to terms with the corruption. While not indicted in the tribunals following the Summer Revolution, Fazende felt that his family's name was a taint on him, and as he reached majority changed his name to his grandmother's maiden name, with her blessing.

Fazende served as an MP from 1850 until he ran for election in 1861.

First Presidency

In his campaign for the First-Presidency, Fazende styled himself a litteral Child of the Revolution, having been born on the 14th of July, the day of the storming of the Bastille.

Fazende's leadership of Louisianne is largely un-remarkable. Three years into his term, however, he was assassinated in New Orleans. Historians argue that the assassination was the result of proposed changes to the republic. While none were accused, a young man from Mobile, a Rhoberth Sessiwns, was implicated, but never charged.

Preceded by:
Paul Octave Hebert
First President of Louisianne
Succeeded by:
André Bienvenu Roman