Lance (Vompire)

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Lance is a vompire from the series Traci the Vompire Hunter and its spin-off Lance. He is played by Codama Hideyoxi.

Lance was born in 1715 to an noble family in Quiòto, Japan. He became a Buddhist priest, and was well-known for his charitable acts. In 1747, he was made into a vompire. Initially, he fought against the darker instincts introduced by his conversion, but, at last, succumbed. He acquired the name Lance from the Xògi piece of the same name. For the next two and a half centuries, he struggled with his vompirism, alternating between periods of indulging in violence and torture, and periods of self-loathing and guilt, in which he would attempt to attone for his crimes by helping humanity. In the 1840's, he helped a Hunter named Fudjico. During the Meidji Restoration, Lance left Japan and travelled to Montrei. He eventually found his way to the North American League, wandering the northeast.

In 1987, he met the child Traci, lost in a park in Oxbridge, and helped her find her way home. He would later tell her that, at that moment, he knew she had great things in store for her future.