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  • Although the seven Himalayan Confederacy nations are relatively undeveloped, transportation is gradually improving. There is a railway connecting the seven nations and air transportation is available.
  • After the formation of the Himalayan Confederacy in 1975, the founding nations took steps to meet the transportation needs of the citizens. The Trans-HimCon (THC) railway was started and plans were initiated to establish an air transport system. As the other three Himalayan nations joined the Confederacy they bought into both of these transportation systems.
  • The two international aerodromes are located in Thimpu, Bhutan, and Jammu City, Jammu.
  • In the eastern Himalayan Confederacy there are regular international flights from Thimpu to Jammu City, Jammu; Kathmandu, Nepal; Lhasa, Tibet; Calcutta, Bengal; Frederiksnagore; Chinsurah; Akyab, Arakan; Chengdu, Nanhanguo; and Mandalay, Burma.
  • Regular local flights in the eastern Himalayan Confederacy connect Thimpu, Itanagar, and Along in Bhutan; Jomsom, Chame, and Dhunai in Lo; and Gangtok, Darjeeling and Kalimpang in Sikkim.
  • Travelers flying from the eastern end of the Himalayan Confederacy to the western must fly to Thimpu and transfer to a flight to Jammu City, then make a connection from there to their destination.
  • In the western Himalayan Confederacy there are regular international flights from Jammu City to Kathmandu, Nepal; Thimpu, Bhutan; Lhasa, Tibet; Amritsar, Sikh R.S.; Herat, Moghul N.R.; Faizabad, Awadh; Delhi, Samraj; and Jaipur, Rajputana.
  • Regular local flights in the western Himalayan Confederacy connect Kathmandu, Pauri, and Nainital in Nepal; Jammu City in Jammu, Srinigar in Kashmir; and Kargil and Leh in Ladakh.
  • There is also an international flight from Leh, Ladakh, to Ali, Tibet.
  • Travelers flying from the western end of the Himalayan Confederacy to the eastern must fly to Jammu City and transfer to a flight to Thimpu, then make a connection from Thimpu to their destination.
  • HimConAir (HCA) is the flagship airline of the Himalayan Confederacy. The main hub is at the Kathmandu Aerodrome with a secondary hub at the Jammu City Aerodrome.
    • There are four large airships which operate on the international routes. These are Stratoliners purchased from Wenedyk Hindenburg S.A.
    • Ten smaller ships, also purchased from Wenedyk Hindenburg S.A., are used for the domestic routes within the Confederacy. All are used to transport people, freight and mail.
    • To date, foreign airlines have not been permitted to operate at any of the Confederacy’s aerodromes.
    • Travelers seeking international flights can make connections at Kabul with Türkistan Hava Yolları, at Amritsar with Dalmavia SA, at Delhi with Aviarca and Lufthansa, at Frederiksnagore with Lufthansa, and at Lhasa with Türkistan Hava Yolları.
  • A private corporation was founded in which the Himalayan Confederacy holds 55% of the shares. The remaining 45% of the shares are held by private investors, 60% of whom are foreign.
  • HCA currently employs 395 employees. There are stewards on each domestic flight at least one of whom speaks each of the national languages of the Confederacy.