Wenedyk Hindenburg S.A.

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Wenedyk Hindenburg S.A.
Wenedyk Hindenburg S.A. Logo
Type Public company
Slogan Slogan
Founded 1952
Location Warsina, Republic of the Two Crowns
Key people Maciej Dukła, CEO & Director
Employees 12,000
Industry Aircraft Manufacturer
Products Aircraft (Zeppelins)
Revenue Green up.pngŦ 1.2 million (fiscal 2012)

Wenedyk Hindenburg S.A., is a publicly traded company based out of Warsine. During the sixties, it acquired fame by the production of small and relatively cheap airships that have dominated the skies above the RTC for nearly forty years.

Nowadays, they are most famous for their newly released Stratoliner series capable of travelling faster than the average airship, at nearly 35 Venedic miles per hour (≈ 200 miles per hour SI). The Stratoliner has been received with mixed reviews, but has a very high safety record. Wenedyk Hindenburg has created this liner seeing a market for long-haul passenger airships, particularly for European and American markets serving East-Asian destinations.

The first five Stratoliners produced were snapped up by Venedair S.A.. Air Louisianne has requested two, and held an open contract with Wenedyk Hindenburg to produce an additional three which it made good in February of 2006, negotiating an additional contract for four should need prove sufficient in their North America-to-Asia market. BOAC has also purchased a fleet of ten, with the first scheduled for delivery in late 2006.

Response has been so favorable to the Stratoliner series that a smaller version, the Cumuloliner has been created to serve as an intra-continental liner, using similar engines to rival the speed of the Stratoliner. The response to the Cumuloliner has remained healthy and strong since its release.

The Stratoliner series has proven a shot in the arm for the once ailing Wenedyk Hindenburg. Since the introduction of the Stratoliner series, orders have tripled, and most major airways have either orders in for or ships serving in their fleet. Data from the Stratoliner fleet's development have been retroactively applied, as possible to other airframes, resulting in an increase in orders for other models, as well.