Weights and Measures of the RTC

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     This page was copied from http://steen.free.fr/rtc/wmc.html and serves primarily as a notebook for it.     

The Republic of the Two Crowns has a way of making things more complicated than they actually need to be. One example is the existence of two different standards for Weights and Measures.

Measures of Length

When it comes to measures of lengh, the RTC uses two different systems simulaneously: its own traditional system and the Système International.

The traditional Venedic system looks as follows:

Name   Decimal equivalent Etymology
1 mila wenedka = ± 1,890 przotkar = ± 28,330 piedziór [8,634 m] Latin MILLE PASSUUM
1 stadz = ± 233 przotcze = ± 3,500 piedziór [1,066 m] Latin STADIUM
1 przotka = 15 piedziór = 180 węczar [457.20 cm] Latin PERTICA
1 cięza = 6 piedziór = 72 węcze [182.88 cm] Latin TENSA
1 wółna = 2 piedzie = 24 węcze [ 60.96 cm] Latin ULNA
1 piedź = 12 węczar [ 30.48 cm] Latin PES
1 man = 4 węcze [ 10.16 cm] Latin MANUS
1 węcza [ 2.54 cm] Latin UNCIA

Of course, the fact that both systems use the same names can make things hopelessly complicated, especially for people who are not used to that. But it is always good to keep in mind that every inhabitant of the Republic perfectly knows his way in that jungle. It's quite miraculous, and almost impossible to grasp how they do it, but somehow they manage! If you drive from Kordyn to Warsina, it's possible that you first see a sign "Warsina - 80 miles" and then, after a while, "Warsina - 100 miles", but the only ones who ever get confused about such things are the foreigners!


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