Air Louisianne

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Air Louisianne
Air Louisianne Logo
Type Public company
Slogan Nous vous amenons avec panache.
We bring you in style.
Founded 1935
Location Yonne, Terre Platte, Osage
Key people Marc Frisson, CEO & Director
Employees 45,264
Industry Air Transport Company
Products Passenger and Freight Transport
Revenue Green up.png€75 million LE (an CCXIII)
(roughly equivalent to fiscal 2005)

Air Louisianne is the national airline of Louisianne, and is responsible for running the personal charter plane of the First President. The Corporate Headquarters are in Yonne, Louisianne, a suburb of Paris-sur-Mizouri. Air Louisianne is avidly working with the tourism industry of Louisianne to encourage travel to the newly opened ski resorts in the Alpes-Argentés.

Air Louisianne is in partnership with Air France and a deal is being brokered with Air Intendance to form the first francophonic partnership.

The PR spokesman for AL is Miguel de Saint-Saens.


Air Louisianne maintains a sizeable fleet, serving destinations in North, South and Central America, Europe, and most recently, Japan and Montrei.

For the main transit line from Paris-sur-Mizouri to Philadelphia and onward to London, Castreleon or Paris, Air Louisianne uses aeroscrafts, owning four which serve on a nearly continual circuit, with one landing in Paris-sur-Mizouri nearly once a week.

For other destinations beyond the Grand Ligne, Air Louisianne has recently upgraded to the Stratoliner series from Wenedyk Hindenburg S.A.. These were to be used intra-continentally originally, however Air Louisianne has now chosen to expand the fleet to serve their secondary hubs with direct service from Paris-sur-Mizouri, Lyons-sur-Mizouri, Saint-Louis, Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

Air Louisianne has a letter of intent filed with Wenedyk Hindenburg to purchase four of the newly designed Cumuloliner series, as well.


Air Louisianne serves destinations of Castreleon, London, New Amsterdam, Philadelphia, Warsina, Quiòto and regional cities around North America. It has partnerships with other major airlines around the world that allow for connections to different destinations outside the normal reach of Air Louisianne flights.