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Hudson "H." Ross Lambaugh (born 1952) is a poltical pundit within the NAL, best known for his sydicated columns and talk shows. He is renowned for having interesting debates with guests (including Senator Diane Rodham, former GM William Josiah Clinton and others) and for the erudite, rigorous research he brings to issues. Indeed, he openly notes how much he dislikes simply "getting up and spouting" his own opinions, vastly preferring to engage in talk with guests. He is also considered personally charming and is good friends with Senator Josette Biden. He's also known for his trademark goatee.

He has also gained some fame for repudiating the Progressive Conservative Party in the wake of the Watergap Scandal (although he remains a firm Conservative, politically). He has refused to endorse the Covenant Loyalist Party, however.


Born in Mobile and adopted by Catholic parents, Hudson Rush Lambaugh attended Jacobia Provincial University on a rugby scholarship, graduating with honors and a degree in History as well as serving as Editor of the University student newspaper. During this time he was a member of the Anti-Snorist Movement, a fact for which he has never made any apology. He tried to enter both the Continental Army and the Solemn League Navy but was turned down due a sports injury. He was rejected from the Volunteer Fire Brigade for the same reason. He became a public school teacher while pursuing an advanced degree. By age thirty, however, he had become somewhat famous locally in Mobile as a commentator on local radio. He was hired as an announcer by a Pennsylvaania radio station, and as a result dropped out of school as his career took off. Within twenty years, he not only was hosting a talk show on both radio and television, he had columns published in such esteemed journals as the New Amsterdam Post.

Lambaugh married in 1983 in a Latin Rite Ceremony in Philadelphia where he makes his home.

In early 2006 Lambaugh announced he had been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.

Political Opinions

Specifically, he views on various issues are:

  • Opposition to abortion, save to preserve the actual life of the mother. He himself has adopted three children.
  • Standardization of language within the League (specifically, that citizenship should require fluency in two of the following languages: English, Scots, Algonquin, Brithenig or Danish).
  • A recognition and appreciation of social class, with the idea that those of the Upper Class have a nobless oblige towards those less fortunate than themselves. This also involves an encouragement of institutions towards this view, including knighthoods and fraternities.
  • Preferring, whenever possible, to use the free market to solve economic issues rather than government programs.
  • A generally isolationist/protectionist foreign policy (within the context of Commonwealth membership).
  • Favoring the privatization of many government programs, including the Public Broadcasting Network.
  • In favor of the death penalty for extremely serious crimes.
  • Opposition to Gay Marriage (although not to same-sex civil unions).
  • Deep suspicion of things French, especially Louisianne (with greater tolerance towards New Francy.
  • Favoring a slight forms of censorship (mandatory ratings of entertainment, with certain types of programs legally barred from broadcast in the early evening hours).
  • Very strong support of law and order, including mandatory sentencing for violent crimes.
  • In general, favors Provincial rights over the League.
  • General suspicion directed at Ecotopism and Oregon, as well as the Holy Roman Empire and Russia. Identifies himself as a Western European.