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The Democratic Party (民主党, minxutò) is presently the leading political party in Japan. It was formed in the early Saisei Era. The current party president, and Prime Minister of Japan, is Amagawa Hoxi. They are currently aligned with the Liberal Party of Japan, formerly their major rival.

The Democratic Party of Japan is also sometimes known as the Democratic Party of Nissen, a name they often use for the Japanese Empire. In 1976, along with the Corean Nationalist Party, they introduced a bill into the Parliament to change the name of the Empire from Dainippon Teicocu to Dainissen Teicocu, with Nissen to be used as a short form, and as the official name in foreign languages. The bill passed, but the Supreme Court ruled that a name change would require a constitutional amendment.


The Democratic Party was formed in Saisei 2 (1953) as a less radical alternative to the People's Party. In those days, the major parties were the Democratic Party, the People's Party, and the Nationalist Party (later renamed Yamato Party). The Democratic Party tended to ally with the Nationalist Party, particularly as the People's Party grew more radical.

After the ratification of the current Constitution, the party split in three, with some members remaining in the party, some forming the new Confederationist Party, and a third section joing the Yamato Party.

Main Platform

Currently, major positions of the Democratic Party include:

  • Restructuring the Empire into a Japan-Corea federation (Nissen)
  • Greater power for the Parliament
  • Eliminating restrictions against women and ethnic minorities
  • Legalizing same-sex marriage
  • Abolition of Condominium status for Outer Manchuria
  • Greater funding for scientific endeavours, particularly Space Exploration