Amagawa Hoxi

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Amagawa Hoxi
Prime Minister of Japan:
Date of birth: Saisei 2, Sañgaçu 22
April 27, 1953
Place of birth:
Political Party: Democratic
Relgious Affiliation: Xintò-Buddhist

Amagawa Hoxi is the present Prime Minister of Japan. He played a significant role in pushing through Empress Gacudai's plans for the Imperial Space Agency. He himself has also long been a supporter of studying space. He became Prime Minister on Saisei 50, Djùnigaçu 13 (January 15, 2002). He was re-elected Prime Minister in 2005 after the most recent elections. He stepped down in ? due to leadership challenge.

Preceded by:
Djunitxirò Cuizumi
Prime Minister of Japan
2002 –
Succeeded by: