Continental Air

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Continental Air
Continental Air Logo
Type Private Company
Slogan "Come Soar With Us"
Founded 1931 (as Chicago Air Parcel)
Location Atlanta, Jacobia (formerly Chicago)
Key people Jaime Parnell Spears, CEO
Employees 5,200
Industry Airline
Products Air Transport of Passengers & Mail
Revenue Green up.png£ 69 million (fiscal 2004)

Continental Air (or "ConAir") is a corporation that provides air travel for individuals, groups and mail in and around the North American League. It has undergone several name changes and takeovers since its inception, when it was primarily a mail carrier. However, during the 1960s and 1970s it began to specialize in passenger transport.

The company built a reputation by specializing in two particular areas. First was the so-called "second tier" of routes, given less attention by the major airlines such as Air Louisianne and Lufthansa, especially between smaller cities like Thunder Bay, Savannah and Creve Coeur. Second, it operated a small fleet of airships (two initially, currently six) specifically designed for high-end customers such as corporations or wealthy families. It dubbed these ships and their trips "Barony Class" as opposed to "Esquire Class."

For the latter, ConAir deliberately set out to create an upscale look and sense of luxury which it has attempted to filter through to its more basic service (with, critics generally agree, mixed success).

The current fleet of Continental Air Barony-class Liners are:

The Cloud Princess
  • American Vision
  • High Traveller
  • Sky Palace
  • Cloud Princess
  • Wonderful Vision
  • Majestic Vision

Apart from service within the NAL, ConAir also serves Louisianne, Florida, New Francy, Tejas, Mejico, Alta California, Oregon and Montrei. For the vast majority of such service, the thirty ships of the "Esquire-Class" service are used--mostly of ordinary class ships, refitted slightly.