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The Conservative Democrats were a now-defunct Political Party in the NAL. It was the main opposition to the Whig Party, initially disagreeing about which should have priority--Parliament (the Whig position) or the General Moderator (the CD position). The party took its name from the idea that such was the original intension of the framers of the Solemn League and Covenant. Over time the CDs became a party that also favored fiscal restraint, a kind of Isolationism vis-a-vis Europe, Prohibition and regulation of big business. It never really recovered from the disasterous tenures of Andrew Volstead and Jeremiah Bryan. By 1965 it had been effectively absorbed by the Progressive Conservative Party.

While the Whig Party eventually began to welcome what had at first been a disparaging nickname (i.e. the Owls), the Conservative Democrats during the 20th century began to use as their mascot the Turtle. They claimed it was a proper totem, given the fable of steady work and patience as well as mythic images of the world resting upon a turtle's back. To some extent this backfired, since it invited jokes about slowness, cold-bloodedness, and thick shells. On the other hand, it also seemed quite appropriate given their last successfull candidate for General Moderator, former submariner captain Johnathan Gotlieb Penn.

Was the party of the following General Moderators:

And these moderators of Ontario;

It was also the party of the Lord Governor of Jacobia Ion Slaton.