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Frobinça Bovlai
Province of Bovlai
Map and Arms of Bovlai
Subdivision of: Xliponia
Capital: Bovlai
Area: 265 SI square miles
Population: 36,035 (2005)

Bovlai is one of the ten provinces of the Kingdom of Xliponia (Hoimtat Xliponia in Xliponian). They bear the names of their respective capitals; each has its own distinctive culture. The city of Bovlai is also the national capital.

Bovair, the national airline of Xliponia, is based at the capital city, which also houses the headquarters of the Institut Lingistic Bovlai (Bovlai Institute of Linguistics).

The Catholic Church recognises Saint Anira as Bovlai's patron saint.

Bovlai 1493.gif
The city of Bovlai in 1493

Bailbiret Castle, the Royal Residence near Bovlai

The Parliament Building (Parliament Square number 1) in downtown Bovlai

The Coat of Arms

Quarterly first and fourth gules three plates second and third or a griffin segreant of the first

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