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Bovair Logo
Type Private Company
Slogan Bovair Çe Forçat Ipi
Bovair Takes You There
Founded 1938
Location Bovlai, Xliponia
Key people Marc Vil-Çuli, CEO
Employees 1,800
Industry Airline
Products Air Transport of Passengers & Freight
Revenue Green up.png XL 12 million (2004)

Bovair is the national airline of Xliponia. It is based at Bovlai Aerodrome in the nation's capital, and runs airships to most large cities in Europe and to many on other continents. The government of Xliponia own a 25% share in the company.

Bovair has become the airline of choice for holiday travel, and serves the youth hotspots of Ibiza and the growing tourism to the Frisian Islands. Bovair has semi-exclusive rights to land on islands reclaimed in the Frisian Islands Project


Founded in 1938, Bovair managed to function profitably throughout the war years, and has been posting profit of some level since then.

A new Strato airship of Bovair preparing to land in Rio de Janeiro
A small airship for local transport at the base