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Melilla y Orán
Melilla i Orán
Melilla and Oran
Subdivision of Aragon
Capital Melilla, Oran
Languages Aragonese, Darija (Moroccan Arabic), Riffian Berber (Tamazight) Catalan, Gibraltarian, Haketia (Ladino), Sindhi
Official Aragonese, Fus'ha (modern standard Arabic)
Area ...
Population ...
Establishment ...

The Crown of Aragon has three possessions in Africa not including the Canary Islands: the autonomous cities of Oran and Melilla as well as the island of Fernando Poo. Mellila and Oran (in order going west to east on the coast) were founded by the Moors, Oran in the 10th century and Mellila probably in the 12th century. Aragon captured Mellila in 1497 and Oran in 1509. Prior to that time Melilla had been the frontier of the Kingdom of Tremecén and the Kingdom of Fez. These cities have both been Aragonese ever since. As they were subject to the Aragonese crown, when the orders for expulsion came from the crown, both cities' Muslims and Jews were expelled from the city in 1610. Both groups were accepted by the city of Livorno which used them to drain swamps around the city and build settlements, a project perfected by Byzantine refugees (both Greek-speakers & Slavic-speakers) a generation earlier. To this day, the descendants of the Muslims and Jews of Orán live in Livorno.

Mellila in particular has always been a desired prize of the Maghreb Caliphate, but Aragon, as well as Castilla i León, denounce all such claims. Oran is credited with giving birth to the musical movement ‘Rai.’



The Aragonese African enclaves are ruled separately as city-provinces.

Administrative Divisions

The Aragonese African enclaves are: <right>

A Ziudat Autonoma d'a Melilla
Flag of Melilla
Motto: Praeferre Patriam Liberis Parentem Decet ("It is right for a parent to place his fatherland above his children")
Subdivision of: Melilla and Oran, Aragon
 Official: Aragonese, Arabic
 Others: Berber, French
Alcalde-e-Presidén: Marc Africason
Area: 12.3 km2 (4.7 mi2)
Population: 92,834 (2020 estimate) melillenses (singular: melillense)
Established: 5th Century B.C., Phoenician trading outpost

<right> <right>

A Ziudat Autonoma d'Orán
Flag of Oran
Motto: Zevilizazión e Patria ("Civilization and the Fatherland")
Subdivision of: Melilla and Oran, Aragon
 Official: Aragonese, Arabic
 Others: Berber, French
Alcalde-e-Presidén: John Africason
Area: 2,121 km2 (819 mi2)
Population: 1,038,510 (2020 estimate) oraneses (oranés, oranesa)
Established: 903, Andalusian trading outpost

<right> <right>

O Condominio d'o Fernando Poo
El Condominio de Fernando Poo
Ëtulá Ëria
Flag of Fernando Poo
Motto: Unidat, Paz, Chustizia ("Unity, Peace, Justice")
Subdivision of: Aragonese Africa, Aragon and Castilian Guinea, Castile and Leon] at the same time
 Official: Aragonese, Castilian
 Others: Berber, Bube, Fang
Gubernaire/Gobernador (Governor): Dan Smith
Area: 165.8 km2 (429.4 mi2)
Population: 418,810 (2020 estimate) Fernandinos
Established: 1494, Portuguese trading outpost & sugarcane plantation hellscape






Melilla borders in the south with Maghreb.

Oran borders in the south with Maghreb.





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