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Wattville (population 3,500 persons) is a small city in northwestern Ontario, remembered (when it is) most often for being the birthplace of Gwilliam Lyon MacDowell. Among geneticists, sociologists, folklorists and some travellers the town is noted for a few other details.

  • Almost half the people who live there are related, via the four different branches of the Watt family who founded the town in the 1840s. As a result, names like Watt-Perkins, Knowe-Watt, Wattkins, etc. are common. One consequence of this is a tiny mutation that roughly a third of the townfolk share--twelve toes.
  • Wattville and its inhabitants celebrate Christmas each year with a gusto that has become almost legendary.
  • The wooded foothills outside town are also reputedly the haunt of a wendigo or sasquatch-like creature. This is not in itself odd, for many small communities have such legends, but for some reason the people of Wattville claim their version is green.
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