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War of Warcraft is the vastly popular online game created by Ventisca, a game company based in Alta California. It involves two sides, the Allies and the Axis Horde. There are 8 types of creatures, 4 on each side. There are also "castes", certain types of heroes that can kill using magic or the old fashioned version of using swords and other hand weapons. The races on the Allied side are the

  • Humans-Us. They possess Alta-Californian accents
  • Highcaste Alfar-Haughty, yet vastly powerful elves who have mastered the elements of magic & nature. They possess mediterranean accents, more specifically Greek
  • Weemen-Small, jovial, human-like creatures, masters at magic and stealth. Strangley they possess, squeacky Kemrese accents.
  • Dvergar-Diminutive barbarians who for the most part forsake magic and potions for axes and guns. They possess gruff, Scottish accents
  • Half Alfars-Half human, have Highcaste Alfar, these beings are mysterious are apt to be persecuted by their parent races. They possess NAL accents.

The Axis Horde has

  • Orcs-Exactly akin to J.R.R Tolkein's brand of them. They have an evil, cockneye British accents.
  • Trolls-Also similar to the Lord of the Rings Series Beasts. They speak in a manner suggesting they're quite slow.
  • Zombies-Brought back to life originally as slaves by the Undead Legion, they threw off their shackles of enslavement to join the orcs. They sound like any undead beast would.
  • Centaurs-Distantly related to the elves. Exactly like Greek Mythology's version.

There are also 8 "castes" which include the

  • Soldier-They fight with swords and shields
  • Palatinus-They use the powers of God and Light itself
  • Ranger-They have vast powers over nature and can bend beasts to their will.
  • Assassin-A master of stealth, the assassin quietly sneaks up on their victims and kills from behind.
  • Shaman-They can call upon earth, wind, water, fire, and Nature itself to aid them in battle.
  • Wizard-These men have mastered the mysterious arts of magic and can bend reality and the elements to their will
  • Shapeshifter-The shapeshift can turn into the swift hawk, the courageous lion, and a myriad of other animals.
  • Dark Wizard-Not all users of magic are good. Dark wizards use dark arts to summon demons, raise the undead, and drain the very life from their enemies.
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