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War Moon is a 21st century remake of a science fiction program from the late 1970s. In both series, the War Moon is a high-tech warship discovered by a band of human resistance fighters after the battle to hold back the alien Hydran Empire has been lost and mankind enslaved.

The original, produced by Orwen Ellis, was renowned for ripping off ideas from popular movies at the time, for inconsistency, for keeping all the female cast members in mini-skirts, and for an over-reliance on cute children and cuter kawars.

The 2004 remake turned out to be far, far grittier. Instead of aliens, the Hydrans who have conquered Earth are mutant colonists. They are governed by a racist ideology, yet it turns out they are far from cardboard villains. Some even side with the freedom fighters (or terrorists, depending on one's point-of-view) of the War Moon. Nor is the warship's crew a friendly group. One is an alcoholic. Another is probably insane. The ethnic factions among the crew threaten their operations, while the civilians on board don't always agree or like the military.

As of Autumn, 2005 the series has been renewed for a second season. War Moon is very popular in the North American League and is BBC-America's response to Space Voyage 2245.

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