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Henrietta (played by Sofia Miles), a vompire on the show

Vompires in Eternal Night are specific variations of the mythological creatures, central to the storyline of the television program Eternal Night.

Nature and Weaknesses

On the show, vompires are not harmed by sunlight, but they find it blinding and extremely uncomfortable. Although they can subsist on animal or preserved blood, fresh human blood tastes many times better. However, they do not have to kill and very few of them do. For the victim, a vompire's bite is euphoric and creates a psychic bond that strengthens with repeated feedings. Many find the experience addictive. If fed upon too often, of course, their health suffers as may their sanity because of the psychic link. Yet if addicted and denied the bite, they may turn to alcohol, drugs, sex or other addictions.

A vompire in Eternal Night is created by repeated feedings then the drinking of a vompire's blood, followed soon after by death. Within several hours or sometimes a full day or so the new undead arises.

Vompires also have powerful drives, including nearly-berserk tempers when cornered or enraged. They call this "the fury" and those who don't learn to control it to some degree rarely last long. Also, they have what they call their "true face" which is when their fangs (the lateral incisors, not the bicuspids as usually portrayed) extend and their eyes shift color (usually to gold or a cobalt blue). It is at these times vompires look least human, as their skin tone shifts to extreme pallor so their veins appear stark against the flesh. Their fingernails also lengthen to some extent.

Nicholas Rollins, vompire

But vompires do cast reflections and shadows. Crosses and other religious items only have power to repel them if fueled by the faith of the wielder--in fact, if the faith is strong it need not even be something associated with any religion at all. A wooden stake through the heart incapacitates them, and they appear dead, even showing signs of decay, rapidly resembling mummified corpses. If the stake is removed, they can revive, especially if exposed to blood. They can be killed by fire, decapitation and (allegedly) starvation.

Most suffer from some extreme allergy, usually garlic or wild roses or wolfsbane. They cannot fly or change shape, but most can learn to mesmerize humans with their eyes and voices. They have no need to sleep in their native earth, but they do find open running water uncomfortable to cross.

Vompire Society

In Eternal Night vompires are the most prevalent form of supernatural being, but even so are relatively few in number. Some are solitary hunters who shun their own kind, while others conduct elaborate social rituals.

A major consideration in Eternal Night's vompires is that of bloodlines--namely, that specific groups of the undead are united by history, generation and common powers/weaknesses. In human terms, bloodlines are the equivalent of families or ethnicities. To be an orphan, i.e. without a known or acknowledged bloodline, is a social taint. Bloodlines are usually named for a famous founder or at least prominent (often legendary) member.

Nicholas Rollins, the main character, is a Nephil--his bloodline believing they derived from a fallen angel. They are evidently viewed as effete by some other bloodlines, and somewhat emotionally unstable. Nephils have greater psychic abilities than most. Cainish believe themselves descended from the first murderer and possess unusual physical strength. They tend to grow bigger following their transformation. Lilitu is a female-dominated bloodline that sees itself as the "sisters" of the Nephils, viewing the world through a mystical lens (perhaps because of all bloodlines, Lilitu dream the most, or perhaps simply remember their dreams). Vorlockians are a fairly young bloodline, with mysterious origins, and seem as a group to be most interested in political power. While not the mightiest of vompires, in many ways they are the most organized.

New or freshly created vompires are called either "Novices" or "Fledglings". The creator of a vompire is called their "Sire" or "Siress". Old vampires (like Henrietta or Nicholas) are called "Elders" and if they have amassed position and/or power among others are sometimes called "Grandees." To become a vompire is be "initiated" and sometimes they refer to one another as "Initiates." Another term is to be "turned."

Figures of legend among the vompires are so-called Revenants whose initiations somehow went very wrong, resulting in deformed monsters. The vast majority do not survive, but it is said a few have, becoming elders and they are truly monstrous beings--reviled and feared.

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