Turkestan Commercial Bank

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Türkistan Savdalıq Banqası (TSB)
Type Public company
Slogan "Seniş" ("Trust")
Founded 1960
Location Andıjan, Üzbekistan, Turkestan
Key people Mıras Daştan-ulı, CEO & Director
Employees ~12,000
Industry Banking
Products Private & Commercial Loans
Financial Services
Investment Banking
Revenue Green up.png14.5 million Som (roughly equivalent to fiscal 2007)

TSB, the Turkestan Commercial Bank, is the largest private bank in Turkestan. Unlike the National Bank of Turkestan, which issues the Som and is not open for private banking, TSB is more like a regular high street bank, approving commercial and private loans and offering mortgages and other financial srvices.

Originally, TSB had a more definite focus on commercial operations and large-scale business accounts, but since the 1980s has grown into the largest holder of personal bank accounts in Turkestan.

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