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Torqua are an alien race in the fiction Space Voyage 2245 universe. They were first introduced in the season three episode "Return to Perseus." Native to the Perseus Arm of the Galaxy, the Torqua were at war with the Ketsoqua for 500 years, losing planet after planet, which were "cleansed" by the Ketsoqua. Among their worlds in the Perseus Arm was Pota VII. After making contact and alliance with the Starmada, the Torqua High Command proposed a plan to save their people. A suicide fleet would engage the Ketsoqua, driving them away from the vicinity of the wormhole that connected the two galactic arms, at which time, a fleet of colony ships would escape to the Orion Arm, to find a peaceful world or worlds to settle on, far from the Eternal War.

None of the worlds then inhabited by the Torqua were settled at the start of the Eternal War. The Torqua, continuously fleeing, had developed a rather fatalistic worldview. However, this latest Asylum Operation may have changed that. A fleet containing 10 million colonists came through the wormhole into Condominium space.

Soon after this, a Torqua vessel approached the enigmatic R'Zikk for information in hopes of aiding their people. The R'Zikk dissected then re-assembled the entire crew, only one of whom survived. Her name was Shyanna and she is (understandably) somewhat erratic due to the experience. Yet she seems to have an extremely highly developed sense of intuition as a result of the experience, which proved vital for the struggle against the Zeniaks.

Physically, Torqua are humanoid but grey-hued. Their blood is purple, so their cheeks and lips as well as other parts of the body tend to have a violet shade. They have a reputation for hedonism, endurance and risk-taking as well as martial skill--but this is most likely a result of the Eternal War (as they call it). For years, they have chosen to reproduce via synthetic wombs rather than having females carry their children to term. This has allowed them to maintain population levels despite a high mortality rate. It has also resulted in the loss of virtually any sexual taboos. Even more than most races however, they value Duty. And it is unthinkable for any sane Torqua to even seriously threaten the safety of a child.

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