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Title Image for the Television Series

The Omega Documents was a television program that enjoyed considerable popularity for its seven-year run. Its premise was a simple one. CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) Special Agent Malcolm Braesig is a kind of loner and genius at detection. He has become obsessed with those CBI cases which apparently deal with the paranormal (the Omega Documents) of the title. One reason for this obsession is a mysterious missing 48 hours from Braesig's early teen years.

Partnered with Braesig are three other, more skeptical CBI agents: Athene Dael, Karl Honstadt and Jessica Hewitt. They are now routinely given the most weird assignments the Bureau finds. Episodes at one time or another dealt with haunted houses, sea monsters, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, cases of demonic possession, etc. But an overall story arc increasingly dealt with a government conspiracy, led--or perhaps used by--a nameless figure known simply as The Pipe Man (who may or may not be Athene Dael's real father).

During the sixth and seventh seasons, the show took a startling new direction as Braesig vanished, and a by-the-book CBI agent took over what was by now called "The Omega Section." The resulting role reversal proved interesting and in the series finale, Dael began a romantic relationship with her new partner after they had finally exposed The Pipe Man as an android from the future, one out to retrieve five spheres left by aliens when visiting the Earth millions of years ago.

At its height, The Omega Documents attracted more than its fair share of major guest stars. One of the episodes was even penned by famous author V.A.Howard.

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