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The List is the roll of all the Members of Lla Societad dill Bethisad. The definitive version resides here. It describes who's who and who is in charge of what. Older Members tend to be those who had staked out a physical territory and/or a conlang. Many, especially newer Members find themselves in charge of concepts more than specific locations. Most older Members have also looked into concepts as well. I think this is starting to provide needed depth to the project. The project is no longer just a list of countries. We're starting to see what they're up to and what they're thinking and believing in as well. A very Good Thing indeed!

Even though a particular Member might have claimed an especial country, this does not mean that he "owns" it exclusively. Others may seek to contribute ideas or offer to collaborate. Still others may seek to work on a territory laid aside by an inactive or less active Member.

Much of IB is still unknown: there is still a lot of room, not so much for new countries as for the undiscovered landscapes of politics, art, culture and the like.

Ill Bethisad has been a going concern since November 1997 (when it was known as the Brithenig Project) and has accrued 80 Members. Of course, not everyone who started with us is still around -- people's interests wax and wane, while others have only stopped by for a quick cup o tea before moving on. [PB] - Elemtilas

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