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Moved from Unincorporated Territories:

There's an explanation in Batavian Kingdom. It's an ecotourism company based in Batavia that operates in St. David I. (*here*'s Victoria I.). The territory itself is leased (or is in some way managed) not part of the Batavian Realm per se.
I'll change the spelling on the map. Anyway, leave it to Dutch to have two letters in there where one would do! ;))) I would choose against "Saendam" on account of the company, Nieuw Zaandam Ecotours LLC, having been founded only in the mid 1970s! I would also choose against an Anglification: the Company's territory belongs to a Brithenig language territory/company (the Cambro-Arctic EcoTrust), so if anything, a Brithenigification would be in order; second, the company itself is quite Batavian, so I would suspect that both an anglification and a brithenigification would be quite out of order. As I understand it, NZE caters to adventurers from the Low Countries, northern HRE and northern France especially.
St. David I., eh? Okay, that makes sense. Pity though... I got sort of instantly attached to the idea of a Nieuw-Zaandam somewhere (just like there is still a "Nieuw-Amsterdam"). But that still leaves open the question: why call it "Nieuw Zaandam Ecotours"? It would suggest that sóme place there múst be called that way. Could it be that the company leased it somehow from... yes, from whom? From that Kemrese company?... and called it "Nieuw Zaandam"? Or could they have established some small settlement that serves as a base for their ecotrips? —IJzeren Jan Uszkiełtu? 13:46, 20 January 2006 (PST)
You tell me! It's a Dutch company! :) Without a doubt, they have a base on St. David Island -- I suppose it might be called, mm, Nieuw Zaandam? :) Sorry for not having increased the Batavian Realm's land area by a factor of two!, but I thought that since the Batavians are also into ecotourism, they might have some kind of holding in ecotourism heaven! Elemtilas 14:08, 20 January 2006 (PST)

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