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Xevaena: Slevania

Note that "Slevania" is from SILVANIA, so if I have understood the workings of Jovian (checked out the Modern Jovian page the other day) it should be something like "Seovaena". The form "Slevania" is from the Wenedyk form via German "Schlewanien", so maybe "Xoevaena" if the Jervans were ignorant of the etymology, but would they be? BPJ 13:36, 18 May 2005 (PDT)

SILVANIA, eh? Good to know. It's Siovaena, then. Siovader is similarly derived from SILVA ATRA. The Jervan 16:25, 18 May 2005 (PDT)
Fine! While we're at it, what would BENEDICTUS and PHILIPPUS become? BPJ 05:42, 19 May 2005 (PDT)
I knew I forgot something.  ;) I included all of the names I posted in that "Name-mangling" post on Conlang, but neglected that I'd written a second post with another shipload of names later. Here [[1]] is the thread. I'll include the names later today, hopefully.
As for Jonsson, that becomes fih Johan [fi 'jo:n], of course. The Jervan 06:44, 19 May 2005 (PDT)
Hey, I'm not on that list at all! IJzeren Jan 06:44, 19 May 2005 (PDT)
Doesn't Jan count as a form of John? Still, a major omission! Sorry about that... Jan van Steenbergen would end up as Johan yh Montsaxosa [jo:n y [email protected]'So:z] "John of Rockymountain" by meaning and Jon Fontsembergen ['jAm pfAntsem'[email protected]] by sound. The Jervan 06:52, 19 May 2005 (PDT)
Cool, thanks! IJzeren Jan 07:07, 19 May 2005 (PDT)
BTW, if you want more names, check out <shameless plug>my (relatively new) page about Wenedyk names: </plug>. --IJzeren Jan 07:30, 19 May 2005 (PDT)


Man, I could have sworn that Beondicte was already on the list. Sometimes I believe these names gradually evaporate when I'm not looking, so I have to add the same ones over and over... The Jervan 08:42, 28 Jun 2005 (PDT)

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