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Below three sugestions for flags from the Indo-British Union. As this union is composed by colonies from the three british kingdoms probably there would be three different designs according to the colony where each flag would be hoisted.

So Bombay, as a kemrese colony, would have the kemrese colonial flag pattern. Calcutta would have the english one and Madras the scotish one. Malabar Coast as it is a colony from both England and Kemr would use two distinct flags.

I like the flags. I have not put much effort into the I-B-U, but had rather envisioned the Union as being not a colonial enterprise anymore but rather an independent nation composed of former colonial territories. I'm sure they would be in condominium; perhaps something like the NAL model, with a balance between Native and European elements. Presumably these would be the "provincial flags" of the Union. I would suspect the Union dates from the 1960s or so.
It strikes me that the future Caribbean League, if it ever comes to be; could be inspired by the I-B-U as a successful NAL-like state.
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