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Based to some extent on *here*'s Rush Limbaugh?

  • Opposition to abortion, save to preserve the actual life of the mother.

Is abortion even legal in the NAL!? I would suspect this is a matter best left to each province. One could only hope the NAL's high court isn't in the business of legislating from the bench!

  • Standardization of language within the League (specifically, that citizenship should require fluency in two of the following languages: English, Scots, Algonquin, Brithenig or Danish).

Sounds about right.

  • A recognition of the class, with the idea that those of the Upper Class have a nobless oblige towards those less fortunate than themselves. This also involves an encouragement of institutions towards this view, including knighthoods and fraternities.

I suspect that in an NAL more aristocratic and class-conscious than the US, such sentiment would be common among the more well bred of the wealthier classes. Too bad he wouldn't have rich leftie Hollyrood types to knock about! ;)

  • Preferring, whenever possible, to use the free market to solve economic issues rather than government programs.

The NAL must drive him nuts on this kind of issue. While I'm sure the NAL isn't a Socialist's paradise, it must be a lot less free market and capitalistic than the US!

  • A generally isolationist/protectionist foreign policy (within the context of Commonwealth membership).

I strongly suspect that the NAL is a lot more isolationist than the US. The NAL finds itself a member of three strong international bodies: the FK and the CoN and the SR. They are supranational in structure and tend to move in the same direction as a unit. Not so much room for "cowboy diplomacy" as *here*. The NAL can't just bomb some country on account of "national interest", because its national interest is also the national interest of two dozen or more other countries.

  • Favoring the privatization of many government programs.

I'm sure!

  • In favor of the death penalty.

No luck there. I think the death penalty was abolished in the FK in the mid xx century; I'm sure their dependancies and associated territories that already hadn't abolished it did so within a short time. If the NAL had held out, I'm sure there would be considerable pressure from the Viceroyal College as well as from the Commonwealth to change that policy.

On the other hand, this is one of things that might vary by province. Those provinces attached to the FK might not have the penalty. Some of the nonaligned and Native provinces might just have it. I'n sure there would be no federall level death penalty, however.

  • Opposition to Gay Marriage (although not to same-sex civil unions).

Makes sense. I would suspect that traditional definitions of marriage and family are at least as prevalent *there* as *here*.

  • Deep suspicion of things French, especially Louisianne.

This really makes sense. Nothing good ever came out of France except French fries. ;) Seriously, having two kind of wonky Francophone countries on one's border -- especially one like LA which has been variously an avowed enemy and an avowed adversary and is inherently unstable internally to boot -- is enough to lead to such suspicions! We like to laugh when Geoff "Cosh Em When They Ain't Lookin" Sessions gets going about the connexion between "Looziana and them blue Martians"; but both Sessions and Limbaugh probably find a lot more general agreement than we on the outside would like. And it's not just all that senseless metrick gobbletygook either.

  • Favoring a slight form of censorship (mandatory ratings of entertainment, with certain types of programs legally barred from broadcast in the early evening hours).

I wonder if the NAL's sensibilities would allow fur such censorship.

  • Very strong support of law and order, including mandatory sentencing for violent crimes.

Sure. Cosh em first and ask questions later. Elemtilas 21:48, 17 December 2006 (PST)

He is mentioned in a news article about the Watergap Scandal so I decided to flesh him out a bit. Frankly, this guy [u]is[/u] what Rush Limbaugh pretends to be. As for some of the issues you've raised--all excellent questions that deserve answering. Zahir 22:56, 17 December 2006 (PST)
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