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Is Federated Kingdom, without an s, incorrect? Nik 18:16, 8 Feb 2005 (PST)

Yes, it should be KingdomS (plural). I know, the singular form is all over the wiki, but I remember I once asked Andrew, and indeed, "kingdoms" is the only correct form. IJzeren Jan 00:27, 9 Feb 2005 (PST).


IMO this message from 7 Nov. 2004 should be worked into the article somehow. IJzeren Jan

KJ: The problem was that the British did this in haste, abolishing slavery just for the sake of abolishing slavery, without much thought as to what the freed slaves could or would do once they were suddenly granted their freedom. The result was enormous social problems like massive unemployment and poverty in the British islands, and the rapid growth of slums in the British West Indian towns where the freed slaves, desperately seeking work, migrated en mass.

PB: Indeed. One can hope that they did a better job of it *there*. John is of the opinion that Kemr abolished slavery quite a while before either England or Scotland. Perhaps they could learn lessons from how the Kemrese handled it.


I think that this needs to be updated into a more encyclopedic article...what do y'all think? BoArthur

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