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Could someone please explain to me what this language is? I've never heard of it! IJzeren Jan 13:56, 15 May 2005 (PDT)

It's a northern dialect of Brithenig. As you know, archaic forms of B were once spoken clear up into Scotland, and in those days the Principality itself also extended up into Votadinea (*here*'s Gododdin) in southern Scotland. This explains the existence of Breathanach, but the details regarding how it "switched" from being P-Celtic influenced Vulgar Latin to Q-Celtic influenced Vulgar Latin are quite hazy. I assume it had something to do with the invastions of the Scots (i.e., Irish).
Cumbreg itself is a calque on Welsh "Cymry". Under English influence in the county they call Cumberland, the Cumbreg language has been considerably reduced. You can still find it spoken in a few out of the way pockets, perhaps not at all unlike the situation Cornish was in in the mid-19th century *here*; but it had no special or protected status and no one has yet taken up the study of what's left of Brithenig's long lorn sister.
It should also be noted that "Cumbreg" is also used as the name of the English dialect spoken in the county of Cumberland. It has a pretty good share of Romance loan words, and in sound is probably pretty close to northern varieties of Brithenig. I had some notes on it somewhere, but they seem to be lost... Elemtilas
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