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A few points and explanations:

  • This is meant to be a franco-american equivalent of genres like the french "cape & swords" and hong kong "kung fu" movies. Although it takes elements from some real genre *here* (the "romans du terroir" are historical), it does not realy exist as a specific genre.
  • There was a movie in the early 70s coproduced by Hammer (UK) and Shaw Brothers (Hong Kong) called "Dracula meets the Seven Brothers". Christopher Lee's Dracula does not go well with Kung Fu....
  • westerns (and most US movies) shown in Quebec back in the days were dubbed in France. Because of that, when someone in Quebec pretends to be a cowboy (for comedy or for kids playing) they usualy adopt a thick parisian lower class accent (and use words like "yellow-livered-coyote" which in french is hilarious).
  • *here* Ti-Jean is a non-historical characters used as a generic hero figures in french-canadians and acadians folk tales. The only thing common in most stories regarding him is that he is quite short but extremly strong and with a ravenous appetite.

--Marc Pasquin 20:48, 29 May 2006 (PDT)

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