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Pierre Clement de Laussat (1756 - 1835) was a French politician, and eventual member of the Louisiannan Consulat.

De Laussat was born in the town of Pau. After serving as receveur général des finances in Pau and Bayonne, he was imprisoned during the Reign of Terror, but was released and recruited in the armée des Pyrénées. On April 17, 1797 was elected in the Council of Ancients. After the Napoleon's coup of 18 Brumaire, he entered in the Tribunat on December 25, 1799. He was appointed by Napoleon to be colonial prefect (governor) of Louisianne in 1802. He arrived in the colony on March 26, 1803, yet found his position to be largely superfluous, and rather unwelcome.

He persisted in Louisiannan politics all the same, trying to work with the Directory. He achieved his best cooperative success in 1827, but this success was undermined when the leadership decided to ignore his warnings against the 1828 War. He was vindicated after the horrific loss of Les Plaines and the northern territories to the NAL-SLC and the subsequent attempts of the Bourbons-le-Moynes at restoration during the 1829 Royalist Coup. He orchestrated the construction of the Consulat, and was among the first members with Jacques Philippe Roi de Villère. He left Louisianne in 1832 following the Summer Revolution and moved back to his ancestral home in France where he died in 1835.

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