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NoFace is a supervillain in the Millennium Comics fictional universe. He is the heir of an immense fortune, whose parents helped the victims of the atomic blast in Veneda at the end of the Second Great War. Born hideously deformed, the man who would one day be called "NoFace" may be the victim of radiation poisoning.

For whatever reason, the boy and man he became showed sociopathic tendencies which included sadism and a willingness to commit murder. In time he began what amounted to a criminal career, for motives largely known only to himself, if then. His primary motive seems to be a sadistic desire for power over others. He personally murdered his parents when he was only twelve years old. With a relentless will, he spent years developing skills of personal combat as well as scientific knowledge. For his plans, he began to don dark clothes with a face-hugging mask and a black cloak.

Interestingly, several of No-Face's crimes have dealt with the only creatures he seems to respect--feral rats. Indeed, he keeps pits full of the animals, and sometimes tosses his minions to their mercies in "reward" for failure.

No-Face is arguable the most terrifying of all Supervillains in the Millennium Comics universe. He has at one time or another opposed nearly all major heroes, but was introduced against Vixen, whom he at least regards as an almost-worthy foe. No-Face has sometimes also worked as part of the Coalition of Evil although it has become clear he despises the founder of the group, Doc Satan as a naive fool.

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