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edit NEW AMSTERDAM POST — 27.SEP.2007 — Glamour, Controversy Surround New Tejan King

Santa Fe, Tejas — Juan Carlos F├╝rsten zu Solms-Braunfels officially assumed the restored throne of Tejas today, in an understated ceremony attended by dozens of the rich, the famous and the powerful as well as thousands and thousands of Tejans. Such prominent guests as King Pedr V of Kemr, King Nga'ara III of Easter Island, and Malcolm Urquart, the consort of Queen Diana I of England and Scotland would insure maximum security procedures, even without the sporadic protests by different groups as close to Santa Fe's Cathedral of St. Francis of Assisi as they could manage. Lithuanians, Republicans, Felipese and followers of Native religious practices all turned out to protest the coronation. Some were agitating for independence, others to protest the overt part the Roman Catholic Church was taking in the ceremony while several groups were protesting the restoration of the Monarchy itself. Behind the scenes, it is common knowledge that many high-ranking military officers and government officials strongly disapprove of the legalization of the Ecotopic Party, a move strongly supported by the King. By noon dozens of arrests had been made, but most were expected to be released by this time tomorrow.  Read More...

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