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edit 27.MAR.2007

Milano, Italy (Florence Observer) — At noon today, Queen Luisa II [of Italy]'s government announced to the press that it intended to hold a summit in Milano to discuss the idea of joining the Euro-consortium's space program. Italian envoys have been in contact with the Euro-consortium, which seems willing to at least consider the move. Luisa II has been pushing Italy towards joining such a program since the Holy Roman Empire's successful satellite launch in 2002, but this has been a major breakthrough for her government.
Delegates from each of Italy's member states will meet in Milano over the coming few weeks to discuss the idea, and the Queen's government has optomistically stated that they expect a decision to be made by the first week of April.
The Senate this afternoon approved the move by a good margin. This further show of support will probably speed up the summit's decision.
As the national summit occurs in Milano, the Italian government is sending officials to meet with the Euro-consortium to discuss this bid as a probability, not just a possibility. Minister of Science and Technology Emanuele dei Angeli stated that Italy should be optomistic, and that while the Euro-consortium had seemed divided, he believed that this offer would ultimately be accepted.  Read More...

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