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edit America del Sur, 2006 12 21 —Tensions increase in the southern part of continent

After accusing the government of Nea Illenicia for harbouring leftist terrorists as well as several key leadres of Free Riu movements and issuing an ultimatum to permit Argentian investigation of the issue (with which the government of Nea Illenicia did not comply), Riu de l'Argent went to arms for the first time after the Esperanza Rios took power. This morning several airships of Riu de l'Argent crossed into the airspace of Nea Illencia and bombed several targets, including the border city of Nea Constantinople (where the house of a notable Argentian leftist poet Diego Navarro who has fled his homeland in 2003 was targetted; D. Navarro himself, however, was not harmed, but his wife was injured). The Nea Illenician sources reports about twenty casualties, most of which are civilian. Riu de l'Argent however claims a destruction of an important terrorist camp. No mobilization was enacted yet in any of the countries, but the presence of troops is increasing at both sides of the border. The actions of Riu de l'Argent were immidietly condemned by Araucania and Patagonia and Venezola.
The conflict between the two nations is longstanding and it deepened after Esperanza Rios was proclaimed dictator of Riu de l'Argent. The leftist insurgents launched a guerilla warfare against Rios's government which was especially rampant close to the borders of Nea Illenicia. Nea Illenicia refused to comply with Argentian requests of permitting their military investigators claiming that this would breach their sovereignity (as well as with the requests to give up certain people accused for treason in Riu de l'Argent), which ended up in Riu de l'Argent ceasing diplomatic relations between the two states in the early 2006.
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