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edit Midwestern News, 2006 11 04 - They have been avenged

In the opening match of the 11th North American Battlegame Championship in the Cherokee Stadium of Chicago yesterday the NAL team managed to take a landslide victory 6:4 against the Louisianne team which have deprived NAL team of the North American champions title 5 years ago in the 10th Championship.
The battle was as tough as most NAL-Lousiannian battles are, despite of the beliefs held by some experts that the current NAL team is one of the strongest in history, while Lousianne is not battling as it used to.
Lousianne was the team that scored first after a succesful goal in the 2nd round, but the joy of Louisiannian fans was short-lived as NAL was quick to equalise and take the lead. In the 8th round Lousianne equalised again (2:2), but this was the last time the result was equal, as NAL quickly reached two succesful goals in the 11th and 13th rounds (4:2). Louisianne attempted to change the situation and answered by a succesful goal in 14th round (4:3), but team NAL was not prepared to give up and established the two points difference once again (5:3) in the 17th round. In the 18th round the team of Louisianne reached a succesful goal (5:4) and therefore made a decisive loss very unlikely; it succesfully defended in the 19th round but the last Lousianne's hopes for draw were bashed as the 20th round ended in liquidation for the team Louisianne.
This result means that NAL gets a hard earned point and now has +1 points, while Lousianne point count is decreased to -1. Matches against Tejas and New Francy remains for the borth teams in Group I and in these matches even two landslide victories would not appease NAL or Lousianne fans - they definitely hope for at least one decisive victory. One of the leaders of NAL team, Benjamin Buttler, claimed that even two decisive victories are possible. However, he as well did say that the way NAL played today is far from what he expected, but he believes this is related to all the hype about the NAL-Louisianne battles.
Today the Mejican team will attempt to hold the surprise qualifiers Saint-Domingo team at bay in the first battle in Group IJ.
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