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edit WRW1 — Mąd par kodręcie minutar — 9.08.2006

WF: "Good afternoon, dear listeners! This is Waldemar Fiorarz. [...] And, dear listeners, I am equally happy to tell you that our first guest in our new setup will be professor Onute Staniszkiene, director of the Institute for International Relations of the WiLASz. Welcome, professor, it has been a while, hasn't it?"
OS: "Indeed, Mr. Fiorarz, it has. And thank you very much. It's always a pleasure being in your show."
WF: "The pleasure is all mine, of course. Anyway, professor, you were one of those who signed the famous Letter of the Fourty-Nine, calling for the immediate withdrawal of our people from Southeast Florida. But as I remember, two years ago you actually defended Katarzyna Prowana and our occupation of the Zona. Why this change of mind?"   Read More...

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