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edit STAR OF GEORGETOWN -- 17.10.2005 -- Parliaments Knickers in a Twist, Dance Master Gore Has Them Chacing Their Tails!

Georgetown -- The present Scandal brewing in the City of Fraternal Love took a new twist Friday last as the High Court's commission revealed that the true scandal is not GM Gore's alleged involvement in the ouster of President J. Bush of the erstwhile Republic of Florida-Caribbea, but in stead revolves around the audio tapes purported to have been recordings of the General Moderator hatching the coup plot with certain southern Lords Governors. On Friday last, a veritable bomb was dropped as the one dubbed "Sore Throat" -- one Jospeh S. Bachman of Harrisburg, Penna. -- stepped forward, apparently suffering from a guilty conscience at watching the embattled GM's fortunes and public confidence at first waver then plummet like a sinking airship.   Read More...

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