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edit BBC Transcript T4043ASR Nuovinie Voviet'erie, Kanal 1, Skuoda, Skuodia — 04 February, 2004

[Presenter] This year has been declared the Year of Slavic Culture and Language by Skuodias Ministry of Culture and Education. One of the first events of the year is today's opening of the Belarusian cultural centre in Skuoda. Markus Miruonove reports.
[Correspondent] The building at Guoteskeji pierouleke, 4 in Skuoda hosted the ceremony, with the white-red-white flags of Belarus hoisted high in front of the house. The opening was graced by the presence of the two countries Culture Ministers, Gyntarus Semajite of Skuodia and Uladzimer Abramau for Belarus.  Read More...

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