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Madame Miracle is a supervillain in the Millennium Comics universe, arguably the most powerful single individual on Earth. She is part of the "New Generation" of characters developed in the late 1990s to help revitalize the line.


Following the events of Coalition of Evil, the fictional island country of Pacifica suffered a series of political and economic disasters. Up until this, Pacifica had been a near-paradise due to its high level of education and wealth. However, increased contact with the outside world destabilized the nation. Some natives decided to re-enact a ritual that would mystically choose a protector for the island's people. The ritual worked, giving one young woman the collected power of all Pacificans past, present and future. The press soon dubbed her "Madame Miracle" as she personally ended the civil war wrecking havoc with Pacifica, then installed herself as absolute monarch.

Of course as such she can claim diplomatic immunity everywhere else in the world -- which has come in handy as she decided to "fix" what was wrong with other countries.

Likewise, Pacifica itself has become a authoritarian state with Madame Miracle very nearly worshiped as a goddess.


Madame Miracle has the strength, speed and endurance of literally thousands and thousands of individuals. With sufficient leverage she could lift a battleship above her head and throw it.

Likewise, she has access to the intelligence and psychic skills of all Pacificans throughout history. She even looks down upon the IQs of such brilliant figures as Mentor, Doc Satan, Stingray and Mum-Hotep. She can "sense" danger to herself and use telekinesis to move objects as large as a tank. Likewise, she can teleport herself across vast distances (although she needs to be familiar with the location where she arrives).

Indeed, Madame Miracle is so powerful that defeating her requires extraordinary effort by all concerned. What most often 'saves the day' is her own agenda. She genuinely doesn't want to rule the world or kill people who try to be heroes. Her goal is to punish polluters, criminals and to solve serious problems -- usually through ruthless methods that ignore the rule of law. Unusually for a supervillain, she does exhibit loyalty to her minions who in turn show considerable loyalty to her -- not least because she will not hesitate to kill anyone who betrays her.

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