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Public Law No. 27 [The Lighthouse Construction Act] (2/6/1949)

  • §1 As an aid to maritime navigation, both commercial and private, lighthouses (φάρος) shall be constructed on Cape Arapis, Cape Akrothos, and Cape Pinnes.
  • §2 Each of the three lighthouses shall be constructed of reinforced concrete to the same basic pattern.
  • §3 To enable identification by the mariner, the lighthouse on Cape Arapis shall have a square tower, that on Cape Akrothos a round tower, and that on Cape Pinnes a conical tower.
  • §4 For further identification the towers of the three lighthouses shall be painted checky red and gold. The rest of the lighthouse and any outbuildings shall be painted white.
  • §5 To further aid in identification, the light from the beacon shall be differentiated. The lighthouse on Cape Arapis shall be isophase white of six seconds (three of white and three of darkness), that on Cape Akrothos alternating white and red each of three seconds, and that on Cape Pinnes alternating white and green each of three seconds.
  • §6 The beacons shall be located 13 m. (40’) above ground level.
  • §7 The beacons shall be equipped with third order Fresnel lenses.
  • §8 The light of the beacons shall be produced by an acetylene flame.
  • §9 Each beacon shall also have a fog horn.
  • §10 The lighthouses shall be located as high up the mountainside as is feasible. The exact location shall be detemined by the office of the Hegumen Castellan.
  • §11 Each site shall have an area prepared for the landing of a helicopter.
  • §12 Each site shall have a path (if necessary) to the sea and a dock for deliveries by sea.
  • §13 The lighthouses shall be permanently manned by a monk trained in the operation and care of the lighthouse.
  • §14 Each lighthouse shall be equipped with a radiophone so that the lighthouse keeper (φαροφύλακος) may contact the office of the Hegumen Constable to order supplies. In case of an emergency, he shall contact the appropriate gendarmery headquarters.
  • §15 The lighthouses shall not be open to the public.
    • Amended 1970 - Solar panels shall be installed to power the beacon and the acetylene shall be discontinued.

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