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Infrared is an increasingly popular FK program far more welcome overseas than in its original home.

Set in London, the series deals with police detective named Siobhan Owens who stumbles across the existence of vompires. She is then recruited by a super-secret government ministry tasked with understanding and dealing with this fact (they use the word "haemovores"). Part of the drama deals with Owens' growing belief that her colleagues take a much too simplistic view of vompires and their motives. Despite mounting evidence, for example, none of the Special Ministry Operatives will even consider that vompires might have any motivation other than survival. This is in the face of acts of what look like revenge, and other actions that could easily be interpreted as love or at least affection.

The Chief of the Special Ministry is shown as a deeply religious man who refuses to entertain any doubts. Likewise, his top medical specialist is known to have killed her own brother after he 'turned'. The Special Ministry has an "agent" among the haemovores, whom Owens has met and one of the things that disturbs her is how he is clearly no longer regarded as human at all.

So far there have been a total of 18 episodes in two seasons of Infrared. In January 2006 it was announced another 9-episode series of the program would be produced.

Series One

  1. (Pilot/first episode)"Night and Day" Police detective Siobhan Owens comes across a very strange murder involving massive blood-loss. She learns two covert groups are out to catch the culprit--the Special Ministry and the haemovores themselves.
  2. "In Hot Blood" A would-be mugging accidently reveals the identity of a haemovore, the victim who was shot manages to escape from the emergency room. The fact that the victim has a family trying to protect him is an added complication that results in a series of disturbing interrogations.
  3. "Masks" Tracking a network of connections reveals several possible haemovores. Special Ministry agents exert maximum effort to decipher haemovore from human, all without tipping off the "guilty party." Meanwhile, Siobhan has a harder and harder time keeping what she does for a living from her family.
  4. "War of Whispers" Oversight shows up, investigating the various members of the Special Ministry. It seems there is some kind of secret the Ministry is keeping from Oversight, and Siobhan ultimately agrees to keep the fact of that secret to herself.
  5. "Room Temperature" Siobhan meets Kelson, a Special Ministry Operative who was "converted" and is now a haemovore but acts as a double agent. Kelson is an idealist whose father died heroically. Now he's in danger of being exposed as a double agent, and the Ministry must mount an operation to protect him.
  6. "Shadow Cabinet" The first hint of the hidden haemovore leader is discovered in the papers of an industrialist who dies suddenly of a heart attack. Various theories are argued, but an elaborate scheme is launched to obtain a heavily protected computer file. When Siobhan and the Ministry obtain it the file turns out to be encrypted.
  7. "Glamour" The haemovores have seemingly set a trap for the Ministry operatives, but the Ministry realizes this hopes to use the trap to learn more. As the two plans move forward Siobhan realizes that this is precisely what the haemovores are counting on...
  8. "Resistance" Kelson the double agent reports that some kind of power struggle seems to be going on among London's Elders (the haemovores with the most power, pretty much by an order of magnitude). Siobhan pretends to be Kelson's "donor" as they try and find out more, which in this case seems to center on an Elder returning to the city from abroad.
  9. "Glass" Siobhan finds herself increasingly liking Kelson, feeling loyalty to him. Her loyalty is put to the test when she learn the Ministry is seriously considering his "retirement," before nature can take its course and he loses the remnants of humanity he still possesses.

Series Two

  1. "Eyrie" Siobhan gets a new partner, named Hallis. He is charming but ruthless and a former haemovore victim. Their first assignment is to secretly transport the tape stolen from the haemovores to an extremely top secret facility which specializes in decoding. But the text once deciphered reveals itself as a series of poetic metaphors. Much is still very unclear.
  2. "Wings of Nightmare" Missing for sixty days, Kelson is spotted, and the Ministry insists he be hunted down. Siobhan and Hallis do so, but the haemovore they destroy is not Kelson, although it looks like him. The fingerprints and dental records are all wrong. Meanwhile, Siobhan's next door neighbor is bitten by a haemovore.
  3. "The Curse" Legends of a haunted island in Scotland are investigated and Hallis and Siobhan end up visiting an isolated village where (maybe) a nest of haemovores have been breeding "vintage" blood. Or is something else altogether going on?
  4. "Tangled Webs" Hallis notices evidence that Siobhan's neighbor has been bitten, but reports this to his superiors. They decide to keep it from her and maintain round-the-clock surveillance. Meanwhile, she tries to investigate more about the missing Kelson.
  5. "Lend Me Your Ears" Siobhan runs afoul of another secret government ministry, one that does not as yet know about the haemovores. The Chief insists this Other Ministry must be kept in the dark. Part of the elaborate operation to insure this results in Siobhan learning she is herself under surveillance. What no one learns is that the Head of the Other Ministry is in fact a haemovore.
  6. "Betrayals" Hallis admits to Siobhan that she has been watched, and explains The Chief wanted to know why the haemovores had targetted her neighbor. Siobhan thinks the man needs to be helped, but the Ministry forbids it. Yet then Siobhan reveals something she has herself learned--that Hallis is in remission from a deadly cancer. He is perfect fodder for recruitment by the haemovores...
  7. "By Any Means Necessary" While Hallis undergoes intensive interrogation, Siobhan is partnered with Grace, a cheerful operative from America. They investigate a medical research facility attempting to create a synthetic kind of human blood substitute. Grace, it turns out, is a borderline psychopath who ends up killing a brilliant researcher while trying to get him to "confess." The Chief, having cleared Hallis, promises Siobhan that Grace will be "taken care of."
  8. "Generation, Part One" Hallis and Siobhan trace operatives of the Other Ministry who are investigating a fertility clinic. What the Chief thinks is that maybe, just maybe the haemovores are trying to procreate by impregnating human women.
  9. "Generation, Part Two" Siobhan, trapped inside the fertility clinic, learns that not only is the Other Ministry run by a haemovore, but that the women in the clinic are also haemovores.
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